Dos Equis Rolls Out the “Most Interesting” Food Truck. I think that’s an accurate name.

There are campaigns I love—and this is one—that seem to have almost limitless potential for delighting people.

First, it’s one of my favorite ongoing campaigns. Second, they started “The Most Interesting Academy,” which you can Google if you’re interested.

Now, they’re generously giving the world this: the Dos Equis Mobile Academy, a fleet of seven food trucks, each serving something different depending where it is.

From the announcement:

Delicacies include alligator tail empanadas in Miami, a jellyfish baguette in Dallas, or grilled kangaroo in Houston.

Full press-release-masquarading-as-a-story here.

Isn’t inspiring and maybe even breathtaking (it at least tickles one’s long-numbed brain stem) when an idea is so big, so funny and smart, so embraceable by everyone who comes across it, that it can just keep extending?

Is this the most interesting marketing in the world?