A one-word piece of advice for Denny’s social marketing team.

Maybe this isn’t necessary. Possibly Denny’s marketing team is unaware of what’s going on.

Take a look.

Denny’s probably fake fans #1 Denny’s probably fake fans #2 Denny’s probably fake fans #3

Those are screen grabs from a site that gathers hashtags handsomely for review. It appears Denny’s is buying tweets.

A tiny bit of click-thru research reveals that not one of those people who had such eerily similar comments possesses one single solitary follower. Zero followers.

Maybe Denny’s marketing folk are 100% innocent. Perhaps I’m bringing to their attention some bot-action, or a rogue diner-support consortium that operates in a clandestine bunker without windows or approval (express or implicit).

On the other hand, if they’re pulling a(n) (alleged) Romney, I have simple advice:


Slightly longer bit of advice:

I’d cut it out quickly, if I were you.

Online, all you got is your credibility these days. Don’t sell it out.



Just got an email from a Denny’s representative who reached out to say emphatically but politely that they “did not buy/pay for tweets.” Their best guess is bots are doing it for some reason, and they’re monitoring the situation and basically trying to figure out why it’s happening.

I said I’d post that information for them, and I’m glad to help.

It’s a wild planet here on the internet, isn’t it?