Chipotle totally rules the fast casual social media scene. Except Pinterest. Apparently they suck at Pinterest.

Chipotle tops this chart, prepared for us all by, to be used, shared, and remarked upon. According to this, they’re mostly rivaled by restaurants whose first three letters are P, A, N.


Fast Casual Social Media Top 10 [infographic]
Fast Casual Social Media Top 10 [infographic]
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Here is my quick assessment: people don’t generally follow companies on social media because that’s not why they’re on social media. They’re there to share with like-minded friends and strangers, not to “interact” with brand managers and people who are trying to sell something.

Unless that thing they’re selling lines up with their personal beliefs and interests.

Free-range, kindness-based, hormone-free fast casual restaurant chains who make us lovely little animated spectacles might seem to be more “one of us” than the average company. So Chipotle clearly wins, here.

In fact, it really makes me wonder what those non-Chipotle top-boxers are doing to attract attention. I went to Panda Express’s Facebook page; isn’t clear why Panda Express should have so many followers. Something tells me at least a couple-three of those incredibly high-scoring Facebook brands had a promotion that required following or liking them. From there, who knows if they’re really establishing a relationship that means something with to their followers. For that matter, is Chipotle?

They may be no marketing challenge greater than figuring out what to do with one’s followers.