Deploy the Mildly Ironic Bacon Product (Part 2)


An op-ed by Charlie Hopper (excerpted from the Summer 2012 issue of Food & Drink magazine)

...or you can always just stick bacon in whatever you happen to have handy. Remains an option.

(…continued from yesterday’s post)

2. Play Around With Phrases and Ideas that Give Your Deals Context Beyond Mere Numbers.

Five dollar foot longs. Four meals under four dollars. Five dollar hot-n-ready pizzas, available in the time it takes to pronounce the words and pay. What’s the next catchy discount?

Maybe you can momentarily give up on BOGO or knocking a buck off?

Perhaps you could conceptualize the deal.

Domino’s sent out coupons for its Artisan pizzas, but the focus was less on price and more on the idea they were refusing to add or take off ingredients.

Or, to unite Point 1 and Point 2, there’s Jack in the Box’s recent “Love Bacon? Marry It.” 4.99 BLT Cheeseburger promotion. Way more memorable than their “2 for $3.50 Breakfast Melts.”

(to be continued, tomorrow…)