Deploy the Mildly Ironic Bacon Product! (Part 3)


An op-ed by Charlie Hopper (excerpted from the Summer 2012 issue of Food & Drink magazine)

@IAMBACONATOR combines a fun twit-stream with bacon. I was going to say, “Wait for it” before I said bacon, but I think, unlike bacon itself, that phrase has been way overused and might wear out.

(…continued from yesterday’s post)

3. Kick Your Social Media Past Dutiful Pushing of Self-Serving “News” or Chitter Chatter.

Restaurants—being a comfortable place to either relax or come alive—turn out to be one of the businesses best positioned to leverage social media.

Are you still just assigning a couple of millennials to take turns asking your customers if they’re excited it’s finally Friday?

If you haven’t, I’d recommend jumping on Instagram. It lets you post really beautiful, colorful photos (color photos of your food!) not just to its platform but to Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, and other places you might hang with your online clientele. Places like Pinkberry have really jumped on it—hashtagging it up, following back, featuring customers.

(to be continued, tomorrow…)