Deploy the Mildly Ironic Bacon Product! (Part 4)


An op-ed by Charlie Hopper (excerpted from the Summer 2012 issue of Food & Drink magazine)

...or, you can just give up and put bacon in ice cream like everyone else seems to be doing.

(…continued from yesterday’s post)

4. Tap Into Current Events or Customer Sensibilities To Perform A Capital-S Stunt.

If you voted, you got a free cup of coffee (and never mind those who thought it sounded like buying votes). Earned Starbucks a lot of PR.

One White Castle in Indiana is serving wine.

The Fort Lauderdale Sonic saw Spring Breakers looming and set up a beer pong table.

And of course, Krystal has made a huge deal of the “competitive eating” of their burgers, luring food-cramming superstar Takeru Kobayashi into a symbiotic relationship with the brand.

How about the food truck craze? Chic-Fil-A recently sent one to D.C. to birn mor fewl. Qdoba, Applebee’s, Dairy Queen, Taco Bell: they’ve all given it a try. Qdoba blogged theirs.

It can be high or low brow, just as long as the reporter leaves with a quote and a decent photo.

(to be continued, tomorrow…)