DEVELOPING: Colonel Sanders identity thing is now a DC comic book.

Two Colonel Sanders are going to fight each other. One is evil. Wha?Well, interesting news, in case you were wondering how they were going to escape this thing where first Darrell Hammond and then, with extreme self-awareness, Norm McDonald have been imitating the deceased spokesperson of one of the earth’s most well-known brands (even if some Millennials don’t realize there used to be a real Colonel and assume this guy is made up the way that the Charley of O’Charley’s is made up).

It’s a two-worlds situation, common in comic books, where the original (now deceased) Colonel is going to battle this apparently evil (?) Colonel. (Awkward I’ll give them, if they’re talking about Norm; evil? Mayyyyybe.)

I like that they’re taking this to an extreme. They sort of committed themselves to doing something outlandish. Is this outlandish enough? Sounds like something may go down in Union Square in NYC this Friday, October 9, during New York Comic-Con.

Anyway. Story on this site. Images ripped off that site (which is io9) and presented here.

Perhaps he was bitten by a radioactive hen?

See? This is what happens when you make your spokesperson your founder and it’s fabulously successful then your founder dies. Happened to Dave Thomas. Happened to Bob Evans. Keeps on happening to the Colonel.

Consult your book, Selling Eating: Restaurant Marketing Beyond the Word ‘Delicious,’ where this exact problem with these exact examples is discussed in Chapter Seven—I won’t go as far to say I predicted the whole thing, though, although on the second world I think I might have. Hopefully I won’t have to sue me for plagiarism.