Does your restaurant have a policy about Google glass-wearing?

Want to just go ahead and do like “The Willows” in San Francisco and hastily laser-print a sign to Scotch tape up to the door?

Guests at The Willows have something to hide, eh?

Maybe that’s too far. Maybe we’re discriminating against early tech adopters.

Yep, just as we thought we’d settled the debate over food-photo-taking, well, now, you’d better come up with a stance about Google glass. People misunderstand the motivations of the nerds who are wearing them, and can become angry.

Google Glass early adopters claim they’re not recording people or taking photos, but no one can be sure; at least with a cell phone you can sort of tell when somebody is holding it up and recording. It’s the not-knowing that makes diners nervous, especially if they’re having a clandestine rendezvous.

Once again, it’s more change-enforced-by-advancing-technology. Yelling “Get a horse!” at a guy driving a Stutz Bearcat in 1912 didn’t do anything but make the yelling party seem like they were clinging to yesterday. Yelling “Remove those Google Glasses!” is the same thing.

Eventually people will accept that, at all times, there’s a camera recording everything that happens. No matter where they are.

Think about it: we’re probably living in the twilight years of the clandestine rendezvous. Savor those illicit meet-ups, people.