Dunkin Donuts continues to sort of impishly imitate Starbucks.

Look familiar, Starbucks app users? Everything but that little gift icon, with the bow, huh.

The power of Dunkin Donuts brand, the past few years, seems tied to the idea that a goofy little throwback donut shop (I mean, like libraries—if donut shops didn’t already exist, would we bother to invent them today?) has the savvy and the guts to serve coffee that’s as good as or better than the hoity-toiters over there at Starbucks.

It comes off as a down-to-earth blue-collar Northeastern brand thumbing its nose—and merrily—at the self-serious Northwesterners.

So, to keep that going, they needed this payment app. Basically a lot like Starbucks’ very popular app.

One main diff: you can easily send a gift to a pal.

Hey buddy, have a cup of joe on me, the app is saying, nasally flattening its a’s and daring you to insult its hockey team.

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