Every part of London’s Olympic Park McDonald’s will be reused or recycled.

Perfect for the much younger but eco-conscious siblings of world class athletes to come hang out and steal each others’ fries. No word on whether there’s a ball pit.

Everything but the burge—…oh, I’m not even going to make the easy “their food doesn’t decompose” joke.

In fact, when I was talking to Rick Wion, director of social media for McDonald’s Corp., at the NRA a few weeks ago, he was talking about how there are so many terrible rumors about McDonald’s food not decaying that he and his crew spent a whole lot of their time just policing the web and referring people to Snopes to support their defense that their food behaves like all food.

I shan’t pile on.

It’s nothing but good that the Golden Arches are at least symbolically going green. Right?

Here’s the quote from the Nation’s Restaurant News article:

When the restaurants are dismantled after the Olympics, 75 percent of the building materials will be reused and every item of equipment and furniture will be recycled in McDonald’s restaurants throughout the world, [McDonald’s global marketing officer Dean Barrett] said.”

The faucets will save water. The kitchen equipment will be energy efficient.

Cue the Olympic trumpet fanfare. Why not.