First Chipotle made you a Pixar short; now Taco Bell has made you a rockumentary. In case you need more examples of “content.”

So, this is a well-made documentary of two bands, Passion Pit and Wildcat! Wildcat!, playing a stage at South by Southwest last year. The stage was sponsored by Taco Bell, and you see the slogan FEEDTHEBEAT here and there.

Taco Bell Live Más Productions is really the main bit of branding for this, listed in the credits just before the title:

The QSR Name Above The Title.

That’s about it.

After that, they get out of the way and let the documentary do its documenting. Fan-supplied videos supplement the main narrative and the performances. And Taco Bell shows up briefly again at the end.

They don’t just make ads and bean burritos any more.

Check it out: