Grumpy commenters make Denny’s app team sad.

So this summer, if you visit a Denny’s in all 50 states, and you’re the first person to do it, you win free Grand Slam breakfasts for a year. Because if you go to 50 Denny’s in 50 states in a year—which is how long they’re giving you to visit ’em all—you clearly are going to want another year of free Grand Slams. Then a year of only lettuce.

And the rest of you get progressively better prizes as you go. The more times you check-in with the Denny’s Tour of America app (from which you can also find locations and read their menu as if you haven’t got it memorized), the better your deals, they say.

I was mulling this over. Kinda catchy. I guess there’s someone out there who might. I like a semi-kitschy visit to Denny’s with the fam now and then.

Then I scrolled down to the comments. There were only two. Here they are:

1. “Why not do this with Foursquare? It’s not like people yet another app.” – Mark K.


2. “Not sure how successful this marketing effort will be as consumers want to enter a contest that they actually feel they can win. What is second prize?” – Jessica E.

I felt bad for Denny’s then. Those two party poops are pretty good at pooping the party.

To make the app team feel better, hey, here’s an unidentified lady who thinks it’s a good idea (although even she says she can’t imagine who’d do it):