Hooters has sexism. Heart Attack Grill has death. Hmmmm, what other naughty restaurant ideas are out there?

What‘s it gonna be? The White Widow is the top seller: grilled chicken, bacon, homemade ranch sauce, mushrooms and provolone cheese. Or ask about the "secret stash" menu. If you’re cool. “Is he cool?” “Yeah, he’s cool.“

One just knows the guys who started Cheba Hut were picturing the first day a guy in a business suit and tie walked up to the counter to order a blunt.

Oh, they laughed for ten solid minutes about that, rolling around on an old sofa, sliding off onto the floor and doubling over.

“This theme is a risk we’re willing to take. We don’t want people to think we’re pushing some agenda. We’re not,” Matt Trethaway, the Cheba Hut CCO said to some guy at QSRWeb. “We’re just having fun and being playful. And once you taste our food and experience our service, you’ll realize we’re more serious than our theme suggests.”

Maybe it’s me. Maybe I never enjoyed Cheech and Chong, and only offer polite chuckles when people call each other ‘duuuuude’ and mimic a toke on a roach.

You probably noticed the “Munchies” on the menu.

Anyway, don’t be surprised if you live near a college campus or a downtown metro area, and someone asks you if wanna go get a craft beer and some Kush or Dank, or Acapulco Gold, or a White Widow. Those are the sandwich names.

[starts giggling uncontrollably]