How is Taco Bell’s #WakeUpLiveMas promo going?

On March 27th, you can finally eat an official Waffle Taco for breakfast at Taco Bell.

Until then, you can follow that hashtag up there, and play along with Taco Bell’s latest social media grandstanding: they sent superfans a “burner phone” like in a spy show and are instructing them to tweet stuff about how much they’re looking forward to the Taco Bell breakfast. And people are doing it (because, like, it’s apparently an honor or something to be sent a burner phone and asked to play the game with The Bell).

It’s pretty fun being community manager for a QSR restaurant chain Twitter account when you don’t even have to write the tweets yourself, I bet.

A selection of Taco Bell #WakeUpLiveMas tweets from the Selling Eating Twitter account