“I don’t think we’ll do Scotch…”

They’re testing wine at White Castle. One so-called wine expert decided the Merlot paired best with the burgers, rather than the “Red Sweet Blend” or the Moscato.

Is the White Castle brand actually indestructible?

Here’s what’s great: they know how to survive quicksand. Don’t struggle. Calm down, and go with it until someone sends help.

Everything they do underscores a brand promise that runs, I think, something like: “White Castle will dependably run their restaurant day and late at night exactly the way you’d run it if you were in charge and drunk.”

What a luxury.

The article quotes the company’s chief operating officer as saying,”Our customers wanted beer, so we thought, why not try wine, too?” Her father, president and chief executive, is described as holding a beer and adding, “I don’t think we’ll do Scotch.”

Did you hear someone whisper “yet?”

I did.