Imagine going to the mall because of the food court.

Sorry, crappy little food court in the mall where I live. This is definitely preferable.

QSR magazine asks us to imagine a food court so varied and upscale that people go to the mall specifically to eat there—a food court that’s not just the random collection of counters and jumble of chairs that happen to be handy when we’re already shopping.

That’s how they do it in China. Their food courts are about 20% larger, and a whole lot nicer.

This while all the QSR restaurants are trying to eliminate the gap between themselves and fast casual.Reader @uriahaf20 caught this on TV the other night, for example:

It’s been running since April.

Recession or not, it seems restaurants are generally trying to appeal to our fancier natures. Even, as noted last week, our old food court buddy Sbarro.

Dress nice, people. We’re going to the food court.