A Brief Meditation on Green Poo: Is Burger King figuring out Burger King?

Grotesque magician trick with a black bun Burger King burger. “Observe; the bun is presently black—now I consuuuuuume the burger...”Let us celebrate green poo. (I know that’s gross but it’s relevant, and I’ll explain.)

Because I think something good is going on a BK HQ.

They’re trying to attract the Millennials by BEING rather than SAYing, mostly. They are BEING different. They are acting like a brand whose store you’d be okay with someone hashtagging you at.

And not just guys. When they let the King get creepy, it cost them the ladies and they fired the agency that brought them the edge and cool they need to communicate to authenticity-hungry Millennials. And they over-corrected and replaced truly interesting, groundbreaking communications and branding with weak soup.

And weak puns.

But they’re slowly doing more better things than lame things. Some lame things. But mostly better.

In July, they had the best second quarter sales in ten years.

Now, here’s the trick: they need to calibrate. They’re not out of the woods.

They key is to keep the communications from seeming not too male, and not too wimpy.

I think this Halloween burger with the black bun that they imported from another country is ideal, even if not everyone loves it (see Daym Drops, below).

Reminds me of the suggestion that Simpsons writer made to McDonald’s to bring stuff from other countries in for an LTO now and then—and a black bun is perfect for a Halloween promo.

I even think it’s good that social media is full of reports it turns people’s poo green. Talk! Chatter! Relevancy! A little gross, but it’s obviously not their intention to be gross so they get a pass. So to speak.

A guy who poops green because of a Burger King Halloween burger.

It’s Halloween—the season where even respectable grownups get a little weird.

And BK gets attention. And they seem edgy.

Back where they used to belong.

Keep up the unexpected and unusual work, King.



Okay, now some DIY Halloween costume site is showing people how to make a green poo costume. Sexy green poop and her date, the burger. If you have a third member of your group, just get what they call a “creepy King” costume.

This is all perfectly healthy and normal. Nothing to worry about.
This is all perfectly healthy and normal. Nothing to worry about.

You can’t buy this kind of publicity.