Just making sure you didn’t miss the Applebee’s Lunch Decoys.


This has almost forty thousand views on YouTube, which at 1:19 is mostly where it lived. Some say it ran. I say, well, okay. That depends what you mean by “ran.”

But it’s great.

It’s a big, involving idea that compels watching all one-nineteen minutes of.

They even literally sold the Decoys on Amazon and sold out quickly.

Amazon doesn’t know when they’ll  have more in stock.

Soon, I hope. This kind of stunt is what Crispin Porter + Bogusky, the ad agency, does an excellent job with (they did it for Burger King for years). It has the capacity to win fans for a brand that, frankly, people were probably never going to be inclined to change their minds about. CP+B is like an ointment for that problem. They did it for Domino’s. Some would say they did it for BK.

Still waiting to see if they have anything really remarkable up their Arby’s sleeve.

They’ve been disbursed across America, carrying the Applebee’s message to the world in a non-traditional way. Yeah. That’s what they’re doing. That’s all. Nothing else.