Klout: Tool To Understanding Your Online Influence? Or Just Farting Around Online?

Red Robin's Klout Score
Am I more influential online than the Red Robin gourmet burger brand? According to this, we're duking it out and right now they're on top.

If a restaurant is primarily a social experience that involves food (is it?), then social media would appear to be pretty important. It’s a way to interact and intensify your relationship with friends of your brand, and move passive diners closer to being fans who buy stuff.

Or who influence other people to buy stuff.

Klout thinks it’s got it figured out. Lots of people think it doesn’t.

You know us human beings. We love getting scored. And we want a high score, if there’s going to be a score.

Nevermind that it’s measuring a sort of random, bizarre sampling of what you’re doing.

Klout thinks Arbys is influential on Coupons, Entrepreneurship and Horses. Smashburger, appropriately I assume, is influential on Food, Restaurants, and Facebook. Fatburger, surprisingly for such a fun brand, is influential on Food, Branding and Shopping Mall.

(In case you’re wondering, I’m influential on China, Advertising, the Simpsons, and because I was part of a silly conversation on my personal Twitter feed that mentioned champagne, Klout thinks I’m influential about Champagne. Where they got China and the Simpsons is a mystery; I don’t recall discussing either of them online.)

Laughable? Random? Irrelevant?

Maybe. It may be that there’s no perfect way to measure your social media efforts as a business yet.

I can’t really measure what being friends with people in real life gets me, either, when I’m taking the trouble to maintain the friendship. But I know it’s important.