Little Caesars tries to rekindle The Old Magic; Old Magic smiles politely, evades reignition.

I wish I could watch this with virgin eyes, but I can’t. I tried. Same with this one:

Little Caesars, No. 4 pizza chain, is launching this “new” campaign. It would be really hard to capture the vibe and absurd delight Cliff Freeman and his many associates brought to the old, classic Little Caesars campaign that’s now twenty years or so old.

Some might say it’s time to move on. But not Gerry Graf, founder and chief creative officer at BFG 9000, which made the spots.

“It seems like everyone got really serious about pizza all of a sudden, talking about artisanal pizzas and apologizing for the way their pizza was made,” said Graf. “But if you take a step back and look at pizza, it’s fun.”

I suppose pizza is fun.

“Pizza! Pizza!” was certainly fun.

It’s so hard to go back and find the spark again.

Just ask the guys trying rekindle The Old Magic for Sonic right now…