Long John Silvers, Wendy’s, and this guy named Hunter in a Love Triangle: Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody!

Here’s some great social media interplay between a guy who loves Long John Silvers, wants to quit its crunchy, grease-fried goodness, then cries on the shoulder of the Wendy’s next door when Long John Silvers responds playfully but with a little bit of emotional manipulation.

Look at what this guy got the social media community managers of Long John Silver’s and then the innocently bystanding Wendy’s to do:

Long John Silvers Twitter

Wendy's Twitter

I really respect Wendy’s for meeting this head-on and in the right spirit.

Paying attention and responding quickly. Playing along. Being likable. Being human instead of corporate, yet never forgetting that you represent the corporation. Nice.

Yeah, it was a little awkward when LJS tried to “sell” Hunter.

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 12.18.03 PM

But then they backed off and kept playing.

Is this what it’s all about? Maybe not “all.” But muchly.

Now you guys: find a room.