Maybe if they came up with another name for Pink Slime?

"Our states proudly produce food for the country and the world – and we do so with the highest commitment toward product safety," the governors said in a joint statement. "Lean, finely textured beef is a safe, nutritious product that is backed by sound science."

This today: Rick Perry and other governors have to say they support “lean finely textured beef.”

But this is the HuffPost headline:

“‘Pink Slime’ Defended By Governors As Public Remains Wary”

Time for some spin.

Hey, isn’t Karl Rove down there in Texas? He‘s got a reputation for naming things with the spin he wants to give them.

Quick brainstorm:

Protein Maximization 

Bovine Econometric Viability Solvent

Supplemental Deliciousness Agent (SDA)

…Okay, that’s not helping, is it.