Rolling out an Extra Value Meal in response to America’s Great Economic Iffiness.

An Extra Value Menu at McDonald’s: a clever re-grouping of their most affordable items into a backlit translight board that lets even the most strapped among us consider eating out.

But where some chains might worry about becoming addicted to discounting, McD’s, of course, remains gigantic enough that they swallow every demo, and in addition to budget-consciousness continue to own warm feelings and stolid American values:

Just look how adorable those kids are. Middle America’s aspirational scrubbed go-to casting, along the lines of the Disney Channel. Then, if you’re abroad, you might see that that they aim squarely at the digirati Euro-hipsters:

And then they help out during America’s Great Economic Iffiness by rolling out an Extra Value Menu.

McDonald’s: trying to be Wal-Mart and Target AND Menard’s. Are you a member of a target group they haven’t made happy yet? You might want to let them know.