McDonald’s would like to serve billions and billions of paneer wraps and Filet-o-shrimp-tempura.

When in India, do as the Indians, which in McDonald’s case means have your chefs whip up a mass-producable South Asian cheese wrap.

Maybe it’s because of the weird American-spirit-of-independence power of Burger King’s classic “Have it your way” campaign from the 70s (revived in the early 00s) that we think of McDonald’s as a rigid assembly line incapable of anything executed on a relatively small scale.

Although with 271 locations in India, I don’t suppose I can say their paneer wrap is small-scale.

But given that they have a reputation (along with Wal-Mart, Disney and the Republican Party) of forcibly exporting American ideals to the world, McD’s has been inspired to mass-create some really intriguing McThings as they market themselves in cultures and climes most of us will never visit.

This Foreign Policy online magazine article has ten examples, including the McArabia and China’s Prosperity Burger (“smothered in black pepper sauce and onions:” you know, prosperously).