Mislabeled fish: just in time for Lent!

The yellowtail in sushi restaurants was “incorrectly labelled in every case,” according to a study by the conservation group Oceana that couldn’t have been more poorly timed.

Because right now is Off-Brand Advertising Because It’s Good Business We Can’t Ignore season.

Here is a prescient Wendy’s ad:

And even Bo Dietl is trying to get to the truth about Arby’s fish, although I can’t find it online.

(Man, you know the creative teams tasked with those unwinnable creative briefs went home and complained to their wives and husbands that their careers were finished because they’d gotten assigned The Fish Promo.)

But that Oceana study makes you question every little McBite of your Lenten lunch: they point their wrinkly-from-the-salt-water fingers at sushi restaurants in particular, but wag it generally at every restaurant.

Beth Lowell, campaign director for Oceana, told CNN that the study was conducted over the course of two years and encompassed retail outlets in major metropolitan areas across 21 states. Staff and supporters of the organization purchased 1,247 pieces of fish and submitted samples to a lab for DNA testing to determine if the species matched the in-store menu or label in accordance with Food and Drug Administration naming guidelines.

Out of the 1,215 samples that were eventually tested, 401 were determined to be mislabeled.”

All this just as Captain D’s finally gets it together, according to today’s QSR magazine.


Hey, wait. Isn’t that the Taco Bell Superbowl ad?

It looks like they’ve even replaced the cod in “codger.”