Most P.R. disasters in 2012 were restaurant P.R. disasters! Try not to enjoy them!

More and more (is it my advancing years?) I find myself fighting the urge to enjoy things for the wrong reason.

I tried not to enjoy the Guy Fieri takedown.

I try not to enjoy someone I don’t care for being embarrassed for mixing politics and business.

But here they are: half this year’s disasters of public relations, with #1 being Penn State’s cover-up of the Sandusky horrors, are on this list with the name of a restaurant next to them.

Oh, McDonald’s. Oh, Taco Bell and Burger King. Oh, oh, oh, Chick-fil-A.

Also, I’d sort of forgotten about the terrible KitchenAid and American Apparel tweet fiascos. Which have nothing to do with this blog, technically, but: oh no! I’m feeling schadenfreude again.

I’m begging you, for your own blackened soul’s sake: try not to enjoy reading the list.