My 2012 Year-End List of The Year’s Best Year-End Lists

Were it not for the Architectural Design Best New Restaurant Designs list, I would not know I wanted to eat sushi in Mexico. But now, boy, do I want to eat sushi in Mexico, sitting right there. That’s one good thing about the lists of 2012.

Do you love lists? Of course you do. Why? 1.) They are very organized. 2.) They tell you how much longer before you can be done reading. 3.) They make you have to decide if you agree whether #3 really should be #3, or if it should have been #4. 4.) This should have been #3.


Every blogger with any self-respect is doing a year-end list right now.

And I have at least a little self-respect. So here are my Top 6 Lists of 2012 Restaurant-Related Lists.

#6. The Architectural Digest Best New Restaurant Designs list.

This was back in the spring, so I’m starting with it. Also, what a cool-looking Mexican restaurant.

#5. The Food Section’s Year in Food Words.

Sadly, you’ll have to look at the word “butt chugging” if you click on that.

#4. Esquire’s Best New Restaurants of 2012.

To be honest, I don’t dig this list personally as much as some of the others because with three kids, right now it doesn’t seem likely that I’ll get to personally experience very many of these. And then I just start to feel morose and jealous, and that does nobody any good. Next.

#3. Adweek’s Best Commercials of 2012

This is to make me feel better after #4 sort of bummed me out. I love great ads. Unlike last year when Chipotle’s lovely “Back To The Start” ad was featured, there are no restaurant ads on the list. You should still watch, and maybe try to make an ad as good as one of these about a restaurant.

#2. Nation’s Restaurant News’s Top 4 Digital Marketing Tactics

This is pretty informative, and useful, and only about restaurants. Here’s a list that’s only going to get more and more interesting in years to come. Can’t wait to see the 2017 version of this list.

And here it is, my favorite list on this list:

#1. Eater’s Top 19 Must-Watch Food Videos

For sheer eclecticism, this is …okay, well “Must-Watch” gets thrown around a lot. You’ll be okay if you don’t watch these. But if you’re just sitting around on New Year’s Eve waiting for a text before the ball drops, well, you’ll enjoy clicking around on this list.