My Speech in Atlanta to MEG: It’s almost like you were there…

Scenes from my Fall 2014 MEG Summit speechHad the honor last week of addressing the Marketing Executive Group of the National Restaurant Association, at their Fall gathering. I had kind of a sweet spot—I was second, so the first guy sort of had the audience all warmed up, but everyone was still alert and optimistic.

I think it went well. They took a poll. I haven’t heard the results yet, but I’m hopeful people enjoyed the talk and got something useful out of it.

Perhaps you’d like to judge for yourself?

This is going to appear to be impossibly long for a blog post, but it goes pretty fast. These are my slides, and my presenter’s notes which are pretty exactly close to what I said.

Enjoy “Fifteen Forbidden Food Clichés That Are Holding You Back” as presented in Atlanta last week: