No plans to open a milk bar have been announced.

Quick, somebody anonymously mail Howard Shultz a DVD of “A Clockwork Orange” and see how fast he introduces upscale hangouts that serve lattes and steamers made with whole, 2%, 1% or “nonfat” to droogs working on novels or decompressing after doing a bit of the ultra-violent.

Let”s see, Starbucks just opened a tea-only store.

Recently they opened that premium juice and vegan smoothie store.

They bought the San Francisco bakery La Boulange a couple weeks ago.

Quite awhile ago they bought their own music company because they like playing music in their store.

I think I see what they’re doing. What’s left? All the milk that goes into their lattes, of course. And maybe a company that manufactures tastefully muted paint colors.

Once they get on a roll, they don’t stop. I still love this Onion article.