If you lose a prototype phone in the new Apple restaurant, Gizmodo never finds out.

At some point they have to confront the fact that their logo is something to eat.

Leaks. Slips of tongues. Employees leaving prototypes in bars, almost by habit. People OH-ing staff chatting at lunch and tweeting trade secrets from adjacent tables. Ugh. Apple is done with that.

They’re opening an employee-only restaurant. The shuttle bus can take you there. You don’t need to be talking to anybody who isn’t cleared by Apple.

Sorry, Restaurateurs of Cupertino.

You’re too exposed.

Apple does already own a place—it’s called Caffe Macs and Huffington Post says it’s “pretty much a corporate food court dream-come-true”—but the public can eat there.

And the public in Cupertino tends to work in the same industry as Apple people.

And according to Adam Lashinsky (in his book Inside Apple) there are such things as undercover Apple security officers, listening to Apple employees chew the fat over lunch. And if they want to they’ll fire your chatty ass, according to legend.

Not that this won’t be a beautiful place to feel caged-up-in. The same building will purportedly contain a café, meeting rooms, conference areas, and (for lounging) a lounge.

Talk freely amongst yourselves at that lounge, there.

Such a pretty cage.

(Makes you want to say, “Nobody ever goes in, and nobody ever comes out.”)

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