Not only is it okay to take pictures of your food at this restaurant—it’s how you PAY them.

All right, here’s a twist on the yes-photos/no-photos controversy (which by now is probably mostly moot).

In London, Bird’s Eye Frozen Foods established this pop-up restaurant:

Bird's Eye Pop Up Restaurant in London That Accepts Instagram Food Pix as Payment

To pay, you just had to post your food on Instagram with the hashtag #BirdsEyeInspirations. That’s it. Dine, post, dash.

The whole thing was a stunt to get Britain to change its perceptions of frozen foods, whatever those perceptions may actually be.

Here’s a screen grab of some of those hash tags. Looks like 371 people got free food. I’d say they’re getting lots more publicity than it cost them in thawed victuals:

#BirdsEyeInspirations on Instagram