Oh hey, hi, did another day AND another week pass while you continued not to leverage Pinterest?

Happy Friday. If you need to be convinced to start using Pinterest, read this post on Smartblog by Flora Caputo.

Here’s the relevant basic quote:

Food pins trump all other categories [on Pinterest] at a whopping 57%. A closer look at the numbers reveals that Pinterest users are foodies, and 62.5% of them like eating out. And 53.89% like to enjoy a cocktail. Couple these numbers with the higher household income brackets, and you have an audience that is ripe for restaurant and chef engagement.

…Look, I know how it is. We all know. God knows.

See that picture? Friends of mine and I were having lunch last summer and I thought those beers were pretty. So I snapped that photo thinking it would be a nice Instagram. and a bunch of my Instagram followers would like it and give me a shot of dopamine.

Soon the manager was out. Flustered.

“You guys aren’t food bloggers, are you?” she cried out, trying to appear happy and tentatively welcoming, yet also sort of horrified and hoping her business wasn’t going to be sabotaged by this random group of doofuses.

We said we weren’t. (I lied.)

“Oh, thank God. My servers saw you taking those pictures and I thought, ‘Oh, no, I hope everything is going okay!‘ We just don’t know how to keep up. I can’t keep up. I’m planning my specials and getting servers to show up and training new people and making sure there’s enough beer on tap for happy hour and now I have to worry about”—and here a mixture of contempt and desperation and confusion crept into her tone—“all this social media.”

Very sympathetic we were.

But let’s just dip a toe in, huh?

Try Pinterest. I bet you like it. Take a cue from Dunkin Donuts and provide wonderful photos for people to repin. Or have your chef(s) take over a page and bring a little background and personality to the social blah blah blah blah you know what to do.

You just gotta do it.


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