Okay, McDonald’s. You got Rimma Kats’s vote.

She’s an associate editor at Mobile Marketer and basically gets to sit around thinking of reasons to get excited about mobile marketing all day.

Nice work if you can get it, huh.

Anyway, as this story details, McDonald’s would be a good mobile case study for anyone, not just restaurants.

But restaurants, yes, for sure.

And this is probably my big takeaway: single-mindedness. McDonald’s stuck some ads on Pandora’s iPhone app that mention their dollar-drink offer and then link to a store locater. Not to Facebook. Not to anything that would distract you. Just to the store.

To paraphrase the intended message of these little mobile ads, “C’mon, buy our damn sweet tea; we can’t get make it any cheaper. It‘s good, you know you like it, and we are your corporate overlords. Get in here.”

And, apparently, people got in there.