Olive Garden and MyGym go together like unlimited bread sticks and a somewhat sporadically available bowl of salad.

Great idea: declare that your competition is not other middlebrow suburban restaurant chains, but local teenagers.

Olive Garden has done that, with a big event on February 7th.

If you happen to be a parent who has trouble finding a babysitter but really appreciates a decent Grilled Chicken Speidini, hurry: sign up your offspring at the local MyGym, pay your deposit, and come join the fun. Here’s your buzzer, it should be about 45 minutes. Have a seat in the bar.

Olive Garden’s Facebook Page (excerpt)
Olive Garden’s Facebook Page (excerpt)

Oh. Sorry, Alaska.

That seems to be the logistical hiccup here, and it seems like something that OG/MyG could eventually resolve. Maybe Olive Garden has to partner with other reassuringly branded babysitting corporations. They’re handling it gamely on their Facebook page, patiently explaining and re-explaining that this is a trial promotion and they are sorry there’s no MyGym in Montana.

In any event, let this serve as a warning to Olive Garden fans without kids-who-require-babysitting: if all goes well, the restaurant will be swollen with nervous-looking couples checking obsessively to see if there’s a text message from MyGym.