Billions and billions effectively marketed to

Well, McDonald’s is the world’s most effective brand, according to the award-givers at Effie Worldwide.

There’s a title for you.

Nation’s Restaurant News explains how the Effie Awarders got to their verdict, but it’s just believable, too, actually, isn’t it? There’s no “Waitiaminute, really?” Everyone who spends money on food knows that they’ve managed the trifurcated feat of being a go-to choice for kids, burly construction workers without much money who aren’t that worried about their health, and now for people who do think about their health.

Here’s their Effies entry about their fruit smoothies. Pretty interesting.

From the better-than-decent coffee to the effort to make you think they’re as scrupulous about their suppliers as Chipotle’s, they’ve stayed current, even as the economy swung right into their hands

Well played, Mickey D. Well played.