Someone said, “How about edible QR Codes for Cantina Bell?” and nobody said no, apparently.

Lemon or Avocado QR codes. And still, I felt mildly cranky and inconvenienced when I had to get my QR reader fired up without really knowing what I was going to get. But I did it, and yep. It worked. I got some recipes. Hm. Okay. Nice.

I think the internet is going to like this very much.

Not sure what else you’re going to do with it, but given your demo for Cantina Bell, I think that’ll do it.

Also, I noted (because I tried to find it on YouTube) that you gave an exclusive on the story to Mashable. That’s kinda internet savvy of you, too, Taco Bell.

I think only a curmudgeon would give this project less than an A. Maybe an A- since I like to tell everyone how tired I am already of QR codes. Still, nice work.