Taco Bell continues its humorous assault and—okay, now, let’s hold on just a second.

loved the Taco Bell ad where they got all the Ronald McDonald’s together so much, I ended up watching an entire making-of video that YouTube served me last night.


And I even went on record for Nation’s Restaurant News.

Now, here’s their latest “subtle shot” at McDonald’s, released today:


Well made. Funny. Nice, coy use of public domain music melody. Good point. Um, wait. This might have stumbled over an invisible trip wire—I am inordinately fond of an Egg McMuffin, partly because I’ve been eating them so long. While my logical, rational self might chuckle and say touché and promise to go give the new Waffle Taco a try, I, um….well, I don’t feel the same delight I felt at the playful poke Taco Bell took at Mickey D’s with the congregation of Ronalds. I’m mostly reminded of my nostalgic feelings for the ol’ McMuffin.

Maybe Millennials don’t feel that way. But I bet I’m not the only Gen-Xer who does.

Careful with the playful jab, there, Taco Bell. It’s an art to recognize when the fun’s over and people are starting to get a little irritable.