Taco Bell’s Super Bowl old people are not sitting on the hood of the car with items from the Cantina Bell menu. Why?

Because apparently, Cantina Bell is more of an admonishment to Live Menos. If you want to Live Mas, you get the Locos Tacos.


TiVo puts this at the top of the list of Top Ten Engaging Commercials, but USA Today Ad Meter puts it at #11 under the perfunctory column heading, “The Rest.”

Congratulations are probably in order.

Because if you look way down the Ad Meter list, you can find two Subway ads so INCREDIBLY BORING, UNCOOL, TEDIOUS, AND MISPLACED in The Super Bowl, advertising’s Big Night, that I’m surprised they weren’t hanging out down at the bottom with GoDaddy.

Also, at least in our market, there was an Arby’s ad that abuses the notion that Bo Dietl is sniffing out the truth about slicing meat—and pointing a New Yawky finger of accusation at an unnamed Subway—by having him sniff out what I guess is supposed to be the hard truth about Arby’s own fish sourcing? It’s such a stretch it sounds like (or feels like) I dreamt it and am making up a sub-par ad, doesn’t it? But I swear, Bo Dietl was, like, on a boat, and yelling at the captain, and they threw some fish on ice, but they were dead fish so even expert food photography couldn’t save them… and I lost interest and forget the rest. And now I can find no record of it.

In other news, here’s a potential problem for Arby’s. As I searched for evidence that I saw this misuse of Bo in the Super Bowl, I typed into my browser “Bo Dietl” and Google immediately assumed I was interested in information about Subway.

So maybe the best Subway ad in the Super Bowl was an Arby’s ad?

Uh oh, Arby’s. Google thinks Bo Dietl is a Subway ad representative, it seems.
Uh oh, Arby’s. Google thinks Bo Dietl is a Subway ad representative, it seems.