The Delicious Police

I am going to call out mindlessly overused language that is debasing and abusing our rich resource of English words that we can use to describe food.

I am going to invite you to send me examples you find.

Together we will rid the world of now-meaningless food words like “delicious,” “succulent,” “mouth-watering,” and “piping hot.” Or at least we’ll make the world feel a little awkward about it, and maybe think twice.

To kick it off, a chain that affects a level of intelligence and pseudo-thoughtfulness, who should try a little harder not to fall back on clichés.

Not only have we heard a thousand restaurants brag a thousand times that their food is somehow more "real" than other food, to the point of nonsense, but why should I believe this napkin when it tells me that I will find whatever hash they're slinging to be "delicious?"