The food truck menu is part of the strategy, right?

Usually I’m skeptical when someone gives themselves a cool nickname, but I’ll concede that calling Sizzler’s food truck The ZZ Truck at least gives me a handle that makes me feel marginally hip when I suggest French Dip sliders for lunch.

On PRI’s Marketplace Morning Report this morning, I heard them talking about a food truck called The ZZ Truck.

They were serving French dip sliders.

Young-sounding voices were recorded by the microphones ordering them.

And the punchline was, this truck was actually an attempt at cultural relevance by Sizzler—the senior-discount-giving chain whose heyday has always seemed at least one decade previous to the one we’re in, no matter which one we’re in.

Leading with a food truck might just help Sizzler reinvigorate its rep.

Meanwhile, the Washington, D.C.-bound Chic-Fil-A food truck that SellingEating previously noted (with what I thought was a very clever headline) got started late and isn’t serving waffle fries. Can’t find any recent web reports so maybe if I were really intrepid I’d call someone up and find out how it’s doing right this minute. Maybe tomorrow. There’s always tomorrow.

Still, the web cries out: “No Waffle Fries?”

Seems like Sizzler wins over Chic-Fil-A, when the topic is ‘stocking the food truck with a menu item you want people to associate with you.’

Way to go, ZZ.