The Pei Wei Way is the New Way? Yes way.

pei wei photo
Not only is he influencing his friends on Facebook, which this screen grab is from: he took this and improved the photo using Instagram, which means all his Instagram followers got the influence, too. Cost to Pei Wei? Well, I guess they have to have a great enough experience to make this happen; how much did that cost...?

So I was on Facebook last night instead of talking to my wife or sleeping or doing the work I brought home. My friend John (name misspelled to protect privacy) posted this–>

Wouldn’t every restaurant in the world want to swap out their name where it says “pei-wei” there? How did this happen?

Was it because of this advertising from Olson, a Minneapolis advertising agency? Y’know, it’s fine work with a clean look and smart (or smart-enough) headline.

Clean look and Smart headline is pretty much the hallmark of what used to be considered “the Minneapolis style.” So: yeah. I like that.

Also, Olson PR in Chicago initiated a pretty cool digital experience by sending a lucky blogger to tour Asia last year on their dime.

But I never saw any of this in “the real world.”

Everything I know about Pei Wei, I know through social media or word of mouth.

Does that make me weird, or normal?