Think Outside the Pun.

In the history of Taco Bell slogans, it’ll be interesting to see where “Live Más” lives.

As not-a-fan-of-puns I object to their former slogan on aesthetic grounds, but have to admit that it made a lot of sense strategically. It just was boring and corny. Their strategy was showing, and their tag was a pun. No wonder franchisees were restive.

Think how much fun people had—or have, even today—with their Spanish lesson in how to say “I want.”

Is that where they’re headed? Spanglish lessons?

They had a bad year last year, so Something Had To Change. Everyone knows they have value. Everyone knows they have not-burgers. Really. Everyone knows that.

They just have to figure out how to be interesting and relevant to a gut-filler audience who goes there either because it’s cheap and cool, or the reverse: has-a-tiny-shred-of-street-cred and is-cheap-decent-gutfill. Some of us might also see them as a slummingly guilty pleasure. This might do it.

What’s Spanish for “maybe?” I took a year in high school, but I only know what I learn from TV ads.

Foodbeast has a link to an early “Live Más”TV ad here.