This restaurant took two years to generate the amount of garbage most places create in an hour.

Wow, that's a lot of not-a-lot-of trash, Sandwich Me In guy

Pretty incredible. The place is called “Sandwich Me In,” and it’s in Chicago.

(Maybe you can drop by while you’re at the 2014 National Restaurant Association Show in a few days, where I’ll be doing man-on-the-street interviews that will be posted on the NRA site, as one of their official guest bloggers. By the way.)

Here’s a nice, short piece on Sandwich Me In.

As restaurants keep growing a soul, from Chipotle to True Foods Kitchen in Phoenix (and its new fast casual concept, Flower Child), with even McDonald’s of Canada carefully portraying itself as honest and as healthy as possible, I guess we’ll find out how interested the general public really is in eating healthy and keeping green. Is sustainability sustainable?

Meanwhile, don’t print this out and mail it to Sandwich Me In as a piece of junk mail. Here’s their strategy for fighting the good fight (which I cribbed from this post on the NRA site):

  • All food made in-house from scratch
  • Composte or recycle all waste
  • Run completely on sustainable energy
  • Five R’s – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, REJECT and REFUSE
  • Source food from local farms
  • KEEP OUT waste like junk mail and excessive packaging