Wait, Dunkin Donuts will help pay my mortgage? Why didn’t you say so? …Oh, you did.

And and and get your video or photo on the Dunkin Donuts Times Square billboard on New Year’s Eve, and some JetBlue tickets, among many other things.

In a kind of overflowing fountain of sweepstakes ideas, Dunkin Donuts announced a few days ago…well, lots of stuff.

First, they double-D everything in the press release, so it looks riddled with un-proofread errors. I bet it takes a proofreader weeks to get used to reading stuff like this:

“…the Top of the WorlDD Photo and Video Contest and the Dunkin’ K-Cup® packs K-ountDDown…


And then they bury the lead: at the end of the promotion, five grand prize winners get $2,500 to put toward the mortgage or the rent.

How they’ll police that, I don’t know. Maybe Freddie Mac is involved, since he has two D’s already.

I’m not officially all that interested in promoting the promotion, so I’ll stop here—

Lesson here, in my opinion? Streamline your generosity, folks. Simplify the promotions!

And get credit for the good idea.

How unfortunate, that a merry holidday (sic) promo is lost amidd (okay, I’m gonna ddo it, too, now) all the ddamn ddistractions and ddensely packed awardds.