What is that emerging from the ashes of bankruptcy? Is it…is it Sbarro Rising…?

Where there is food court decision-making, there is Sbarro.

Just over a year ago, Slate magazine ran an article titled “Sborring” and dubbed Sbarro “America’s least essential restaurant.”

Cruel snark, even for Slate.

Well, Sbarro’s doing their phoenix bit, researching and testing some new designs, and soon will, as Nation’s Restaurant News puts it, “debut new recipes, service style, décor at test restaurants.”

Apart from new real estate, I guess that’s about everything.

There will even be pasta stations with a choice of three types of pasta—including whole wheat—and three to five sauces, including traditional pomodoro, Bolognese, Alfredo and vodka.

“Visually, the pasta stations will be more attractive for guests,” CEO Jim Greco said. “There will be more theater going on.”

Good luck, ye once mighty restaurateur to the suburban mallgoer and basic food court option.